nielsla croix

Niels lives in the frisky city of Rotterdam. His life is devoted to food. Whether it’s Peruvian street food, ‘whole hog’ on a wood fire, helping his brother out with his food truck or savor an exquisite three star Michelin dinner. He just can't get enough. As a former agency art director he's trained to see communication from the brand as well as the consumer point of view. He believes a good idea can only become valuable if the execution is spot on. That’s why Niels is keen in creating films which feel as an exhilarating experience that reveals the true beauty of a product or brand. Whenever possible he uses non-conventional techniques, epic slow-motions, original point of views, overwhelming sound design and color grading to maximize the suspense of the film. Niels brings food films to the next level. As he likes to say: ‘visual storytelling, out of the box and in your face!’